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HVAC Career Training

Working as an HVAC technician is a career that requires a complete understanding of commercial and residential HVAC systems, air quality and temperature control. An HVAC technician is responsible for a wide selection of duties requiring knowledge and skill.

Job Description

Diagnose & Repair
The installation, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation and cooling units for both residential, commercial and industrial clients is required. The ability to correctly diagnose and repair electrical, mechanical and electronic components of the systems must be understood in depth.

An HVAC technician must be able to travel between the job sites located in the service area and capable of working efficiently with dispatch to make certain their schedule is maintained. They must be able to avoid delays whenever possible and positively communicate to the customer when delays are unavoidable. The availability to work weekends, evenings, on a rotating basis or during off hours to provide emergency services to customers is critical.

An HVAC technician must maintain their company vehicle in good working order and stop to refuel when it becomes necessary. Any mechanical issues must be reported to the company and a vehicle inspection form has to be filled out and submitted on a monthly basis. Your vehicle should appear clean and be washed regularly. The maintenance of proper tools, stock, parts and safety equipment must be kept in the vehicle. The monthly log forms for mileage and required maintenance must be maintained and correctly submitted.

Quote Prices
All HVAC technicians must understand the pricing of their company and create the correct invoice for the customer at the job site. They have to understand how to process a payment made by credit card and be able to obtains their customers signature once the job has been completed. It is necessary for them to correctly obtain all of their customers information including their email address.

Document Work
An HVAC technician is responsible for documenting all of the installed equipment when they arrive on the job site including the model, make, type of fuel used, test measurements, necessary pictures and serial number. They must have the ability to diagnose diverse types of service issues, calibrate a system according to the manufacturers recommendations and communicate with the customer as to the issue with their system and the necessary repairs or corrections.
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An HVAC technician is expected to participate in any training opportunities offered by the company regarding the technologies of their industry. They must first identify then report any opportunities regarding new business for the company such as service contracts, a newer system or additional services.

Personal Strengths
Their analytical skills must be good and they must possess an attention for detail. They have to be able to read and interpret manuals, plans and blueprints. They must demonstrate excellent skills in customer service with a desire to exceed the expectations of the customer. They are expected to work independently and a timely fashion so the job is done properly the very first time.

An HVAC technician is expected to be well groomed and present a neat appearance. They must possess a valid drivers license and their record has to be clean. A valid social security number is required and a drug test must be passed when required by the company. The individual has to be able to lift fifty pounds, pull, push, maneuver or carry heavier items with the use of appropriate devices or extra manpower. They must have the ability to carry ladders, work in small spaces, work from great heights, and observe all safety rules and procedures set forth by the company.

Important HVAC Certifications

NATE Certification

The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification is the top standard for technicians. It is a nationally recognized certification that is not legally required, but is strongly recommended for any technician working in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry.

EPA 608 Certification

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires any technician or contractor that will be accessing systems that store refrigerant to obtain special EPA 608 certifications.

How Much Does a Trained HVAC Tech Make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, HVAC technician salary was $22.07 per hour or $45,910 per year. Many technicians maximize their income by working longer hours during peak seasons. As with any occupation, HVAC technician salary is dependent on the job, employer location, level of experience, and whether or not a union is involved. HVAC technician salary is usually implemented in the form of hourly wages, which will increase based on skill level, knowledge, and experience.